About The Production Office

With offices in Detroit and Las Vegas, TPO is a top tier innovative, collaborative artist managing production company in the entertainment industry. The Production Office, built on decades of tenacity and ingenuity, offers a trusted boutique of artist management and producing services to the discerning artist. TPO acquires, develops, and exploits entertainment properties with a focus on the artist's perspective.  TPO has a track record of creating significant value through both acquisition and development of properties through the strenght of its managment team.

TPO is focused on value and strategic growth opportunities in entertainment with a longstanding history of producing and managing hits on Broadway, award winning Las Vegas residencies, major music theaters, stadiums, and television which includes live, digitally and streamed filmed distribution. TPO has subsequently built a trusted brand producing Tony Award winning productions as well as representing artists and events with a knowledge base and skill sets acquired from owning, operating and promoting through the most successful venues in America.

TPO is known for taking an entrepreneurial approach for its clients seamlessly blending their role of personal management services with properties in the live entertainment sector. They are a non-traditional artist management production company focused first and foremost on the artist's needs. TPO has found its niche by representing and working directly for the artist while mounting their vision on stage as opposed to third party tour promoter / producing relationships. TPO strives to embrace the ever-changing dynamic of the music industry while discovering fresh and innovative ways to connect music fans with new artists as well as reintroduce the prospects for established artists.